Paragon Architectural Glass
Switchable Privacy / Selective Viewing
Privacy Switchable Glass
Privacy Switchable Glass merges liquid crystal (LCD) technology with laminated glass. Sandwiched between two lites of glass an LCD interlayer creates controllable privacy at the flip of a switch. Upon activation the Privacy Switchable Glass appears completely clear, while in non-active mode the glass appears fully translucent.

Privacy Switchable Glass is widely used in corporate interiors, health-care environments and high-end residences; and can also be used as a space saving projection screen. Paragon’s next generation LCD film is available in a max. size of 47 x 120”. Paragon swicthable privacy glass can also be created in palette of vibrant colors.

Vista Selekt (Selective Viewing Glass)
Vista Selekt Glass is a laminated safety glass where certain viewing angles appear transparent while other angles are translucent. Vista Selekt and is an ideal material for controlling privacy in V.I.P. dinning and lounge areas and comes in a variety of angles and colors.

Information on Privacy Glass.

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